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Sun Sprinklers is an Elite Rain bird Select contractor and all techs are factory trained and certified by Rain bird and Hunter to install, repair, and maintain any brand, make, and model irrigation system including Rain Bird, Hunter, Toro, Irritrol, Orbit, Richdel, Krain, and STA-RITE pumps.

  •   Sprinkler Repair
  •   New Irrigation System Design & Installation
  •   Timers & Controllers
  •   Locate Sprinklers Valves
  •   Pool Reroute
  •   Electrical Troubleshooting
  •   Pipe Leaks & Low Pressure
  •   Dry Spots, Poor Coverage
  •   Pumps & Wells
  •   Back Flow
  •   Add Rain Senor
  •   Add a Zone
  •   Pressure Tanks
  •   Zone Staying On
  •   Maintenance Plans
  •   Upgrade Existing System

It is crucial that your residential irrigation system be working properly to avoid wasting water. The more water is wasted, the more money comes out of your pocket. A good irrigation system properly installed with the highest quality parts will provide you service for many years, but it must be maintained and checked regularly to ensure you’re getting the most from the sprinkler system.

Let the experts at Sun Sprinklers help you with your irrigation system repair so you can be confident that any repairs are being done by specialists. Our Rain bird certified technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable about all issues of  lawn sprinkler repair in the orlando area.

 Common Irrigation Problems

  • Sprinkler spray heads or rotor heads are set too low, not spraying above the grass.
  • Sprinkler spray heads or rotors are out of adjustment, spraying areas that don’t need water.
  • Zone valves are leaking, not closing properly, leaving water build up around the spray heads or rotor heads.
  • Zone valves that are old and don’t turn on or don’t shut off need to be replaced with new ones.
  • Controller box or timer does not work properly because of poor wiring, the box is bad, a bad battery, or faulty zone valve.
  • PVC pipes cracking or busting underground.

When you suspect there may be a leak, call us to inspect your irrigation system, locate the source of the problem, and repair it quickly.


Sustainable Irrigation begins with knowledge. Sprinkler systems in the orlando area  need periodic maintenance like almost everything, sprinkler heads repairs, sprinkler valves and controllers need to be in good working order when you need them. Helping you recognize signs of sprinkler problems before they create problems in your world is key to maintaining a functional irrigation system and a healthy yard. Healthy yards help our environment.

Routine maintenance checks performed by our rain bird certified technicians can discover wiring and valve issues before they fail. That can mean the difference between simple recovery of grass and /or plants and the replacement expense of plants and grass. Sun Sprinklers can check for appropriate ohms readings to sprinklers valves in the yard from the controller. Routine maintenance checks by our Rain bird certified technicians can help you to plan for sprinkler expenses instead of being surprised by them. Maintenance on your sprinkler system can be done every month, two months, four moths, or six months depending on the size and layout of your irrigation system.

Sprinklers Pool Reroutes

Sometimes an existing sprinkler system needs to be modified or renovated. Sprinkler system reroutes are one of the many services our Rain bird certified technicians handle efficiently. Sun Sprinklers has more than 20 years of experience in repair and maintenance of  lawn sprinkler systems throughout the Orlando area.

There are many reasons why an existing sprinkler system may need to be upgraded or rerouted including but not limited to the addition of a new swimming pool, construction additions to the house, new drive way, heavy rooted part of the lawn, septic tank, new drain field, but regardless of the reason Sun Sprinklers Orlando is up to the challenge and can get the job done.

Sprinkler System Upgrade

If you’ve recently moved into a house that is more than 10 years old, it’s almost a certainty that the existing sprinkler system is still utilizing the original sprinkler heads. The sprayer heads and nozzles have generally reached the end of their life and will start to fail. We can upgrade to new rainbird sprinklers lawn rotors or rain bird spray heads that have proper coverage and will last well beyond their warranty. If you have flower beds or gardens that have older drip lines, chances are these lines will have leaking and be ineffective at delivering the watering you need. Sun Sprinklers will upgrade your system with rain bird irrigation sprinklers to look and run like a new system for less than half of a new system.  How to repair a sprinkler head or install a sprinkler system in the orlando area is our specialty at Sun Sprinkler.


Centrifugal Pumps are the most common form of irrigation pump, but certainly not the simplest. As one can guess, these bad boys use centrifugal force to move water from point A to point B. To accomplish this, centrifugal pumps use an impeller that spins water into the given housing- creating pressure which drives the water through piping. Centrifugal pumps can have multiple impellers or housings to significantly increase the water pressure. While increased pressure can be necessary for large estates, each added impeller increases the variables of a centrifugal pump going bust. Repairing these beasts is not easy and requires knowledge of where water or air can and can’t go. Sun Sprinklers installs and repairs quality STA-RITE pumps.  For more information on centrifugal pumps or help with installation, maintenance, or repair call us today.


All work performed on you irrigation system by Sun Sprinklers will be covered by a one year parts and labor limited warranty.

Please call us today for sprinkler repair or service your sprinkler system in the orlando area at 407•325•7710 or fill out our Estimate request form and we will have an estimate for you shortly.